What can go wrong with a roller shutter?

Hey, all. I hope you are having a nice day. Today we are going to talk about what can go wrong with a roller shutter. We are going to discuss the most common problems, how we deal with them and how to prevent them. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Roller shutters are an important part of your home or business security. That is why we should keep them in check at all times. They offer the first defence line against unwelcome guests. Sometimes roller shutters can malfunction. That is why are going to take a look at different problems that may arise while using your shutters.

Common wear and tear

If your shutter is industrial and there is high use and traffic you can expect some wear and tear. It will be evident from the dents and dings.

Our solution:

The noise reduction technology provides a smooth operation of the door – it consists of rubber and brush sealings. Our industrial doors are specifically made for high-intensity use and they differentiate from our domestic products. Each of our products is specifically designed for what it is going to be used for. We also use a high-quality powder polymer coating that prevents the usual wear and tear and if your use our subscription service the door will last you a lifetime.

Power problems

The first and the most common problem is connected with the power source. That is why if there is any problem with the shutter you should check the power connection of the product. If there are any lights blinking on or it is turned on you should continue troubleshooting.

Our solution to this problem:

We have two options. We can provide you with battery backups and/or declutching mechanisms which can release the brake of the motor so you can operate the door manually.

Motor failiure

Motors can fail at any moment. The best way to prevent that is servicing and by doing this it can last longer. If the motor fails completely then you will have to get a new one.

Our solution:

The declutching system that allows opening and closing the door in case of power or motor failure. Also, our system is designed for easy and effective servicing of the motor and the springs.


In some cases, dirt and debris may be jammed in the rails of the shutters. This may lead to their malfunctioning. By cleaning the area the problem should be fixed.

Simple “C” profile
“Omega” profile with rubber and brush inserts

Our solution consists of the following:

Our system uses “omega” profile guides with noise reduction technology which cannot hold debris and doesn’t require greasing. Moreover, it provides better security factors than most on the market. In the pictures above you can see a common rails problem and our solution with the “omega” profile system.


Another common problem that may arise is overheating. This is a pretty straightforward issue. If you have been operating the shutter for an extended period of time and they became hotter this may lead to overheating. In this situation, the easy solution is to give them some time to cool off.

To prevent this problem:

The first thing we do is ask how ofter the door will be used on a daily basis so we can offer the optimal solution. Even If there is an overheating problem our motors have protection that doesn’t allow them to be damaged and they will enter protective mode until they cool off. So you-the customer doesn’t have to worry about it being broken.

Proximity sensors

If the roller shutters or only opening or closing halfway this may indicate a problem with the proximity sensors. They can become dirty or be damaged. You should check if they are aligned and clean them. If the problem persists they may be damaged.

Here at SBI Group:

We provide our customers with the opportunity for unique full-service maintenance based on subscription. This way you can make sure your door is checked once per year so you don’t have to worry about problems that may arise in the future.

Code issues

Sometimes your neighbour shutters may be using the same code as yours. This may lead to some problems. This can be easily fixed by calling the company that installed your shutters.

Our solution to this problem is simple:

We use rolling code which makes sure that it cannot be copied and will work only on your door. So practically by using our products, this issue is non-existent.

These are the most common problems that you can get while operating your roller shutters. That is why it is recommended to have your shutters inspected and serviced regularly.

With this, we conclude today’s topic. See you in the next one.