Advantages of SBi Group

SBi Group is a family owned and operated business since 1997. The main focus of the company is to provide high quality products and services to meet all customers’ needs as well as provide customers with convenient and reliable post-warranty services.

We strive to create trust internally, so we will be able to offer the same to our partners. We always follow a few basic principles in our relationships with customers and partners. We have a tailored approach, we are not scared of change – we embrace it, and we are loyal! We can guarantee our customers and partners the best experience possible.


We offer a wide range of products combining quality, compactness and security. All of the essential components we use are high quality and comply with the European endurance standards.


Roller Doors

Premium protection solution for business and commercial premises.


Sectional Doors

Made of high quality materials guaranteeing comfort and ease of use.


Industrial Doors

Designed for protection and closing of industrial halls and large garage cells.


Sliding Doors

Optimum solution when there are no limitations as to the size in height.



Effectively controlling light and adding style to your place.



All products are powered by Somfy.



Ideal solution for access control to parking lots and other secure areas.

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