Garage roller doors

Roller doors are a premium protection solution for business and commercial premises. We offer a perfect combination of quality, design and price.

All of the essential components we use are high quality and comply with the endurance standards. The profiles are galvanized and painted, which protects them from corrosion. We use the latest production and installing technologies as we know our products must guarantee reliability to the clients

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation is suitable for working premises or for premises directly connected to your home or your office. The slat design made of twin walled aluminium filled with advanced insulating foam helps the insulated roller doors to significantly reduce heat loss or provide effective sound deadening.

Elegant design

With roller doors the light opening is used most effectively. The box is not visible from the outside which contributes for the simple and elegant facade appearance.

Silent operation

One of the most important features we highly value is the silent operation of the roller doors.


In case of unexpected failure SBI Group will provide an adequate service just in time to avoid causing discomfort to customers.

Special solutions

We offer custom solutions for your roller doors of your preferred size and design. If you would like to order a customized roller door, we recommend you to consult with an authorized representative of ours. Thus we can guarantee the robustness and proper functioning of the components.

Insulated Roller Door H77

The insulated roller door combines quality, compactness and security. An extra advantage is the heat loss reduction and the effective sound deadening of the insulated alluminium slats.

H77 Insulated Alluminium Slat

Alluminium Vision Slat

Insulated H77 Alluminium Slat Desing & H77 Alluminium Vision Slat

The insulated slats are manufactured of tough twin walled alluminium evenly filled with polyurethane rigid foam which contributes for the quiet door operating. The design of the insulated slat significantly reduces heat loss and provides effectiuve sound deadening. Vision slats with polycarbonate infills are perfect solution when natural light is needed to enter the premises. The slat design is made to match perfectly the foam filled alluminium slats which will not disturb the elegant vision of the insulated roller door.

Effective use of light opening

The roller doors are compactly wound into an well-designed shutter box which does not require much space. The box is installed above the light opening so it could be used most efficiently. The shutter box is so well designed that the roller winding is done with least friction at most optimized fitting into it.

Omega Profile Steel Guides

Extremely strong and made of 2 mm galvanized steel omega profiles with brush and rubber seals for minimal noise while the roller door’s in motion and maximum sealing.

Locking mechanism

The mechanism provides a high level of security. In most cases customers prefer automatic roller doors in which the electric motor has an integrated brake and locks the door. The manual roller door locking mechanism consists of two secret locks locking the both sides of the door in the omega guides.

Protection systems

As standard all our automatic roller doors come with photocells, receiver box and two transmitters. Also, we offer optional locking and protection solutions for the roller doors – motion blocking devices in case of engine failure, safety edge solutions, etc.

Peace of Mind

Your Roller Shutter Door makes up a huge portion of your property façade, meaning that it is normally the first thing that passers- by will notice about the appearance of your building. We know that alongside quality control, style, price and aesthetic appeal is a very important feature for any roller shutter door. With colour playing such a huge role, here in SBI Group International we are committed to satisfy every customer need by providing every colour range from the RAL catalouge without an additional surcharge. Giving you peace of mind by providing you with the oppurtunity to select the best colour match without compromising with the budget is one of the many things that differentiate us from our competitors. Our paint is weatherproof and is tested for good overlay. We guarantee its color durability and corrosion resistance.

Traffic White
(RAL 9016)

Light Grey
(RAL 7035)

White Aluminium
(RAL 9006)

Anthracite Grey
(RAL 7016)

Jet Black
(RAL 9005)

Golden Oak

Steel Blue
(RAL 5011)


Moss Green
(RAL 6005)


Ruby Red
(RAL 3003)