Warranty Information


Contractor warrants that the improvements constructed are reasonably free of defects and within customary tolerances of construction industry.

Contractor further warrants and guarantees that the work reasonably conforms to the requirements of the contract documents, drawings, plans, and specifications. If any defects are found, contractor shall repair or replace any of the alleged defective work at its cost. The work to be corrected will be the particular part or area that is defective. Contractor shall start corrective work within a reasonable time after written notice from the customer. Contractor shall have the option of repairing or replacing, at its election.

Under warranty, SBI Group covers damages at no cost to the customer, however, an exception to this would include damages resulting from intentional actions or force majeure circumstances.


SBI Group International offers different warranty packages:

  1. For H39, H40, – 5 years on the electrical motor and 3 years on the roller door commencing the date of purchase. The warranty period for the replacement of garage and roller shutter doors begins after a purchase is made.
  2. H55 Economy package – 5 years on the electrical motor and 2 years on the roller door commencing the date of purchase. The warranty period for the replacement of garage and roller shutter doors begins after a purchase is made.
  3. H55 Premium package – 7 years on the electrical motor and 3 years on the roller door commencing the date of purchase. The warranty period for the replacement of garage and roller shutter doors begins after a purchase is made.
  4. Standard & Platinum Package – 5 years of full warranty on roller doors and up to 10 years warranty on sectional doors (subject to change based on the model). The 5 year warranty is granted from the date of purchase on the following parts: track rollers, hinges, and guide rollers of garage doors in normal use. Normal use equates to no more than 5 door operations (open/close) per day.
  5. Budget Package – 2 years of full warranty on roller doors based on a normal use.
  6. For H77, H105 & Roller Grille Roller Door Economy package – 5 years warranty on the motor & the curtain and 2 years warranty on the spring system based on a normal use.


This warranty applies to the original customer and may be transferred to any subsequent customer within the initial one year period after substantial completion.


Maintenance of garage doors and roller shutter doors includes the following:

  • Apply oil products to all pivot points
  • Check screws and clamped connections for tightness
  • Keep the running tracks clean (do not apply grease to the running tracks)
  • Springs should be replaced after approximately 15 000 operation
  • Do not apply oil products on the locks
  • For canopy doors only, check the cable very 6 months with normal usage (8 operations per day) and if there is any wear, have the cables replaced by an expert
  • Check all parts and replace any worn components when necessary

The above mentioned maintenance should be conducted immediately after the door is fitted and after every 5,000 operations of the door (open/close) and/or at least once a year.

When cleaning garage doors and roller shutter doors, keep the following in mind:

  • The door and frame (if present) should be washed with a mild soap-based solution regularly to prevent residue buildup (salt, dirt, and other corrosive substances)
  • If the product is installed alongside a salt based body of water, the above mentioned cleaning process should be conducted at least every two months
  • Corrosive substances such as acids, alkalines, salts, etc. should be cleaned off the product on a regular basis
  • Failure to do so will result in deterioration of the finish, and thus will not be covered under SBI Group’s warranty.
  • If the door requires repainting – contact SBI Group
  • If the customer paint the product themselves, the warranty is void

* Please refer to the SBI Group International Ltd. website for additional maintenance and cleaning details and information on installers near you.


SBI Group products are manufactured to the highest of quality standards and only after thorough quality assurance testing is conducting, will the product leave the facility. Should a customer have any concerns or complaints regarding one or more of our products, please contact the distributor that supplied you with the garage door  and provide the following information:

  • Your full name, property address and telephone number
  • Original invoice with date of purchase and value of product
  • Product description/door type and product number
  • A detailed description of the defect (if possible provide images of defect)

Customer shall give such notice promptly after first discovering the condition.

An assessment of the claim will be completed and this may require an on-site inspection by an SBI Group personnel. In the event that a warranty claim is denied, the customer may be liable for costs related to the on-site inspection. Customers of SBI Group products are strongly encouraged to read, understand and follow through with the instructions for care and usage displayed on the stickers at the back of a product.

Contractor will begin performing the obligations under this warranty within a reasonable time of receipt of such a request and will diligently pursue these obligations.

Contractor has sole discretion as between repair or replacement. All efforts shall be made for a reasonable match, and to repair or replace in the event the original item is no longer available.


SBI Group’s full warranty on products does not cover the following items:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper installation
  • Negligent care and maintenance
  • Improper initial and subsequent operation
  • Negligent or deliberate destruction
  • External influences such as fire, water, salts, alkaline solutions or acids
  • Abnormal environmental influences
  • Mechanical damage through improper transport and fitting
  • Priming and other surface protection treatments
  • Incorrect application of surface protection treatments
  • Late application of surface protection treatments
  • Repair completed by non-qualified personnel
  • Use of non-SBI Group approved parts
  • Removal of or making the product number unidentifiable