Residential Sectional Doors

Convenience and safety using, elegance of design, incorporating the latest technologies in line with European norms on safe operation and the presence of a wide range of optional equipment, make sectional garage doors the ideal solution for you.

Sectional doors practically have no box, i.e. they are installed on the inner side of the opening and slide through the ceiling or vertically upwards without getting rolled up. On one hand this allows the whole opening to be functionally used and on the other – to be built aesthetically.

Comfort, safety and security

  • Electric drive from a distance through a remote whose code can not be cloned
  • Spring break safety system
  • Safety system against trapping fingers between the panels
  • Security system against attempted break-ins
  • Safety system of “safety edge”
  • Photoelectric cells safety system
  • Possibility of opening an emergency in case of power failure
  • Guarantee operation to 15 000 / 25 000 cycles

With their fine lines sectional doors can often serve as an elegant addition to the exterior design. The sectional doors of SBI Group are high quality with easy to clean surface.

Rib Panels

MidRib Panels

Flush Panel

Cassette Panel

Optimum thermal insulation achieved by:

  • sandwich panels with a thickness of 40 mm
  • side seals
  • double seal at the bottom of the door

Sectional doors are made of high quality materials guaranteeing comfort and ease of use. Our Sectional Door mechanism is safe and ensures their smooth and silent operation.Their vertical opening is the perfect space saving solution – extremely suitable for installation near sidewalks, streets or large halls. We offer a perfect combination of quality, design and price.

Optima Sliding System

Optima sectional garage doors

  • Doors are made to the size of the architect’s design
  • LHF – springs are mounted at the front and above the door, on the beam
  • LHR – springs are mounted at the back of the door, on the rail
  • Hinges and panels caps are painted in white
  • Torsion springs are guaranteed 25, 000 cycles
  • Extended warranty up to 10 years

Benefit Sliding Systems

Benefit Sectional Doors

  • Doors are made in standard sizes
  • SD – springs located on the side of tracks
  • DN – springs located under the sliding track
  • Traction springs are guaranteed 15, 000 cycles
  • Extended warranty up to 5 years

Diversity colours and accessory

  • There are over 40 types of panels with different colours and drawing standard
  • The possibility of garage door glazing
  • Possible integration of pass doors with thin threshold

RIB panels with Stucco touch

RIB panels with Woodgrain touch

MidRib Panels with Woodgrain and Smooth Touch

Flush Panels with Smooth Touch

Cassette Panels with Woodgrain Touch