Industrial Doors

Industrial doors are manufactured using solid material to ensure highest level of security. These doors do not differ from SBI Group’s other products, however, they are designed to close off and protect industrial halls or larger garage cells that have a heavy use. They are designed accordingly as they are larger in scale and heavier.

Industrial Roller Door

Industrial doors are made of galvanized steel elements where the curtain could be made of galvanized steel slats, polyurethane filled aluminium slats or the tube & link curtain design. For the production, SBI Group uses high quality elements and special rubber seals which are weatherproof and resistant to temperature differences. All elements are powder polymer coated to prevent corrosion.

H105 Slat Design

H77 Insulated Alluminium Slat

Windproof Slat Design

Tube & Link Design

Curtain Designs

Three different types of slat designs can help the customer solve his security and insulation problems. The single skinned steel slat H105 is simple decision where insulation is not required and budget is a factor. The curtain thichness starts from 0.7 mm and varies depending of the roller door size. The bigger the door the more solid the materials are. The insulated slat H77 is a perfect solution where thermal insulation is required. The slats are made of twin walled aluminium filled with advanced insulating foam to help the insulated roller doors significantly reduce heat loss or provide effective sound deadening. The windproof slats are specificaly designed to ensure that the roller door would endure high speed winds. The Tube & Link design is constructed from galvanized steel tubes with link sections held together by galvanised steel rods. The grille curtain is available in a brick bond with two height varieties 120 mm or 90 mm. It could be easily mixed with another slat design varieties from our slat selection.

Optimal use of light opening

The roller doors are compactly wound into a well-designed shutter box which requires minimum space. To increase efficiency and provide more space, the box is installed above the light opening. The shutter box is so well designed that the roller winding is installed with the least friction.

Omega Profile Steel Guides

Extremely strong and made of 2 mm galvanized steel omega profiles with brush and rubber seals for minimal noise while the roller door’s in motion and maximum sealing.

Locking mechanism

The mechanism provides a high level of security. In most cases customers prefer automatic roller doors in which the electric motor has an integrated brake and locks the door. The manual roller door locking mechanism consists of two secret locks locking the both sides of the door in the omega guides.

Safety features

all of our automatic roller doors come with photocells, a receiver box and two transmitters. Additionally, we offer optional locking and protection solutions for the roller doors – motion blocking devices in case of engine failure, safety edge solutions, etc – for an extra cost.

Peace of Mind

Roller shutter doors are an important feature that enhances the curb appeal of a building. SBI group understands the importance of quality, cost and style and so to further allow businesses and consumers the opportunity to customize their roller shutter doors, various colour options are available. With colour playing a significant role in the overall appearance of roller shutter doors, SBI Group is committed to satisfy customers’ needs by providing every colour range from the RAL catalogue without an additional surcharge. This allows customers the ability to customize their product without additional charges. SBI Group guarantees the colour durability and corrosion resistance of the weatherproof paint utilized on their products. This differentiates SBI Group from competitors in this industry.

Traffic White
(RAL 9016)

Light Grey
(RAL 7035)

White Aluminium
(RAL 9006)

Anthracite Grey
(RAL 7016)

Jet Black
(RAL 9005)

Steel Blue
(RAL 5011)

Moss Green
(RAL 6005)

Ruby Red
(RAL 3003)