Problem: People think that when product is under warranty and if a problem occurs manufacturers must deal with it as fast as possible. Unfortunately, we all know that at some point everybody has been disappointed, so do not be that guy who is leaving his faith in other hands. For example, if you are a shop, warehouse, office or a garage you can lose thousands just for one day if you are not able to operate because of a faulty roller shutter or garage door.

Solution: Here at SBI Group we provide our customers the opportunity for full service maintenance based on subscription. This service aims to deliver convenience and reliability for our customers. With subscription maintenance service customers can enjoy the peace of mind that they have reliable partner who would deal with any problem related with the garage door or roller shutter within 24 hours.

Price: The subscription fee is determined on a monthly basis depending on the number of serviced sites. Some great news is that if you have a subscription maintenance service with us you only have to pay for the parts that are necessary to repair the door and you won’t pay for the labour which is the most expensive in this branch.  Prices are starting as low as £120 per month including VAT.

Why us? We have been in the market for roller shutters and garage door for more than 20 years which make us very qualified. We are operating in couple of countries around Europe and we know the products and their problems very well. What is more, we are a family run business with attention to details and good relationships with customers.

Trial period: Still if you are not sure in us, we can offer you 1-month free trial period.