Tahoma Switch Pro! When to use it, how to use it?

In today’s blog post we are taking a look at the new TaHoma Switch Pro. I’d like to give our virtual friend Harry a chance to explain.

What is the difference between TaHoma Switch and TaHoma Switch Pro? TaHoma Switch is a smart control with 2 buttons to centralise how you use smart home devices. This is the device for the end customer that gives him the opportunity to have a smart home. The TaHoma Switch Pro is an app for installers that will assist them in their daily work of installing, adding new equipment and troubleshooting.

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This device is aimed at SBi Group distributors and installers who want to install or add new equipment in a more efficient and modern way. Each distributor and installer can benefit from the manual below so they can learn the in and outs of the TaHoma Switch Pro.

If you are one of our distributors or installers and you want to open a Somfy Pro account in order to use the Pro app do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you!

More pros and no cons!

The Somfy TaHoma Switch Pro and the Serv-e-Go option is another amazing feature which will save you a lot of money and time. Here is a little example of what I mean:

Let’s assume that there was some kind of malfunction and you have been contacted by the end customer. Normally, you need to act fast and book the customer in your schedule ASAP. However, you have other appointments and scheduled fittings which makes the task almost impossible. Once you have find a slot you need to send the engineer on site to evaluate the situation. In most cases, your engineer needs to go twice – first for the evaluation and second to eliminate the problem. This is connected with additional expenses and time. Luckily, the Somfy TaHoma Switch Pro and the Serv-e-Go feature steps in here. After the end customer gives you access, you would be able to diagnose the product remotely and get to the end of the problem from your office. In most cases you would be able to solve the problem remotely, so there is no need in going on-site. Thanks to new technologies you save time and money without compromising with customer service.

TaHoma Switch for end users!

The TaHoma environment offers the most complete and evolution-connected experience from smart applications to home automation. This item is compatible with all of our products. What does it do?

– From the touch of a button to app control, all the way to voice control, TaHoma switch offers access to all scalable smart home solutions.
– Tahoma switch controls key home equipment from Somfy and major partner brands (shades, shutters, doors, gates, windows, heating, lighting, cameras, alarm systems and more) for more security, greater energy efficiency and enhanced comfort every day.
– Thanks to the native integration of the io-home-control, RTS and Zigbee 3.0 protocols along with cloud compatibilities Tahoma switch is an evolutive solution, that allows people to add equipment as they’d like.
– TaHoma switch is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enlarging the user experience with voice control.

A new era of smart technology has begun! We advise our distributors and installers to offer the TaHoma Switch to end customers. For more in-depth on the subject check our previous blog post!

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