Somfy Set & Go io

In today’s blog post we are going to look at Somfy Set and Go io device. Its main purpose is to make the installer’s life easier and more organised. The best thing about it is the fact that the Set and Go is compatible with most of our products automated with the Somfy io protocol.

Have a look at the short video below!

What does it do?

The Somfy Set and Go io eliminates the complicated motor adjustment through the remote control. The device allows you to access premium features of the motor, as well as diagnosis history where faults can be monitored and eliminated. Moreover, the Set and Go io brings joy when you are fitting many products at one location. The programming is simple and effortless. The interface is user friendly and guides you through each stage. With technology evolving we have to stay on top of it. Somfy Set & Go io saves time and effort allowing your fitters to do a faster, better and professional job!

Installation steps

The first step is to look for the installed products using the auto scan button. After the products are found they can be adjusted individually. You are guided by an intuitive interface that helps you to adjust the desired settings. Those settings include a selection of direction and rotation, setting between modes -manual, semi-manual, automatic and upper and lower end stops (manual and semi-manual mode). Some of the motors have additional features as motor speed, sensitivity, favourite position and many more. After this, you can easily pair your control units using the same software.


Somfy Set and Go io makes the life of fitters easier and more enjoyable. Moreover, the tool allows you to set multiple products at once, make adjustments and even set a favourite position that best suits your customer. Nevertheless, another great feature is the monitoring of the products. It is easy to say that Somfy Set and Go io makes your life easier. The whole team of SBi Group recommends all their distributors to have this tool as part of their fitting teams.

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