Automation perks and why should we have them

Automation perks


Let’s start by explaining what does the word automation means? Automation describes a wide range of technologies that reduce human intervention in processes. Human intervention is reduced by predetermining decision criteria, subprocess relationships, and related actions — and embodying those predeterminations in machines. Automation covers applications ranging from a household thermostat controlling a boiler to a large industrial control system with tens of thousands of input measurements and output control signals. In control complexity, it can range from simple on-off control to multi-variable high-level algorithms.


We are used to traditional manual doors and many people ask themselves why should we go beyond and upgrade to an automated garage door. So let’s see what are the advantages of automating your garage door. The first aspect we are going to look at is convenience. What do we mean you ask? First of all the door can be operated with a remote control panel or from your smartphone. You will never have to leave your vehicle to open or close the doors so you won’t have to face the elements! Nobody likes to go out in the rain or heavy snow or wind and manually open or close the door. Another good example is how comfortable can it be if you have children and pets. You will never have to worry about leaving them in the vehicle while you open your garage door. As we said you can use your smartphone or just a remote control like the one below.

Smart Technology

The next perk that I am going to talk about is the incorporation of smart technology. What do I mean by that? We live in the 21st century where technology is rapidly growing. People have a lot on their plates and a little comfort couldn’t hurt. We all lead a busy lifestyle where it can be easy to drive out of your garage doors and forget to close them for example. But with an automated garage door set up with smart technology, you will not have to worry, nor turn around to close it as it can be done with a click of a button from right where you are. We work with The Somfy io Technology which is compatible with several different virtual assistance technologies. For example, you can incorporate it into your daily life with Amazon Alexa, Smart design, hue Philips, Google Assistant, Sonos, and many more.

Security and Safety

Another thing you can consider for upgrading to an automatic garage door is Security and Safety. Automated garage doors provide enhanced security to your property. We offer a wide range of additional add-on features for automation relating to electrical motors, control panels, controllers, and protection. With automation comes door sensors that provide enhanced safety. The door will come to a complete stop and the sensors will cause the door to push back up if anything or anyone is within range of it. Another example that will be perfect for families with children and pets. You don’t have to constantly worry about is the door opened or closed. There are many options you can incorporate into the garage door that works best for you. You can use photocells, sensors, and even warning lights.

Residential Sectional Doors
sectional garage door

Energy Consumption

Another concern for people may be energy consumption. This shouldn’t be a concert because automated garage doors don’t consume much energy and they can even be hooked to a solar panel so even that low consumption can be eliminated if needed.

In conclusion, the benefits of automation outweigh the negative aspects. With those doors, you get safety and security above all. The next thing you get is convenience which is one part of our daily busy routine that people don’t have to worry about. And lastly, you can integrate it with other smart technologies for even greater convenience. Oh, and don’t forget the low energy consumption.

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