Sectional Garage Doors

Welcome again to our weekly blog post. Today we are talking about Sectional Garage Doors. We will look at their advantages, design, technology and colour options. As always we will begin with a short video so you can get a visual representation of what we are talking about.

Domestic sectional doors by SBI Group

First of all, let me tell you something about the product. Sectional garage doors are an ideal solution that provides safety and convivence. Consumers have the option to select from a wide range of colours, as well as, add on equipment based on specific needs. They have an elegant design that incorporates the latest technology and are manufactured to meet all safety regulations and standards in Europe. The benefits of sectional doors are that they do not have a box and are installed on the inner side of the opening and slide through the ceiling or vertically upwards without the need to roll them up. This allows for the functionality of the entire opening and is also aesthetically appealing.

These kinds of doors give you comfort, safety and security. They provide you with many advantages. They have an electrical drive accessible from a distance through the use of a remote that has codes that cannot be cloned. Another feature is the spring break safety system and a Safety system against trapping fingers between the panels. There is even more: Security system against attempted break-ins, safety system of “safety edge”, photoelectric cells safety system, the possibility of opening an emergency in case of a power failure and guarantee operation from 15,000 cycles.

Let’s talk about the design.SBI Group offers high quality and easy to maintain sectional doors that provide elegance. With their fine lines, sectional doors can serve as an added curb appeal to the exterior of a building. We provide you with optimal thermal insulation achieved by sandwich panels with a thickness of 40 mm, side seals and a double seal at the bottom of the door. Below is the picture, you can see the panel options.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the technology behind those doors and their benefits.Sectional doors are manufactured with the highest quality material that guarantee comfort and convenience. The mechanism behind sectional doors ensures safety and silent operation. Efficiency is achieved with these types of doors through the vertical opening, which is a space saving solution. Vertical opening doors are suitable for installation near sidewalks, streets, or larger halls. Sectional doors provided by SBI Group offers combined high quality, elegant design and affordable prices.We have two kind of systems – Optima and Benefit.

Optima sectional garage doors

  • Doors are made to the size of the architect’s design
  • LHF – springs are mounted at the front and above the door, on the beam
  • LHR – springs are mounted at the back of the door, on the rail
  • Hinges and panel caps are painted white
  • Torsion springs are guaranteed 25, 000 cycles
  • Extended warranty up to 10 years

Benefit Sectional Doors

  • Doors are made in standard sizes
  • SD – springs located on the side of tracks
  • DN – springs located under the sliding track
  • Traction springs are guaranteed 15, 000 cycles
  • Extended warranty up to 5 years

Lastly, we are taking a look at the colour options on each type of panel. We provide you with diverse colours and accessories. You can get over 40 types of panels with multiple colour options and textures are available. There is an option to have glazing of garage doors and to incorporate pass doors with thin thresholds. You can see the colour options in the pictures below.

With this, we conclude today’s topic. Hope you like it. As always if there is anything you want to ask feel free to drop a comment down below. See you in the next one.