Long-lasting partnership

In today’s article, we are going to talk about our recent visit to Somfy’s HQ in France. We are partners for more than 15 years and since then we have been working together to improve your everyday life.

What is important for a successful partnership?

“It is important that both sides complement each other and have some common ground, for example in management style, mindset, and technology.”

Our mutual vision for precision, performance, commitment and team spirit is what makes our partnership successful!

Somfy’s Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a unique place where connected solutions are presented in real-life scenarios. The building showcases things such as light management, access control, energy efficiency and convenience. However, what made the visit so special wasn’t the advanced technology or the shiny look of the building, it was the people who work there. They were passionate about the goal and dedicated to the brand. When I think about it, 15 years ago, I believe this is what made us choose Somfy among other competitors. It was important to see that even though Somfy is a high-tech company they still value the most important part of the business – the people.

The factory and R&D centre

After the lighthouse experience, the tour continued with the factory. It was important to see that the working process there is to the highest standard. We saw the development of the H55 Premium package motor – S & SO RS 100. The process is clean, the whole team is organised and the materials used for the motor are to the highest standard. Maybe this is one of the reasons Somfy can offer a 7-year warranty?

Within the headquarters, Somfy has located its research & development centre. As a manufacturer we want our products to meet the highest standards. The R&D centre helps Somfy test and innovate their products which brings the peace of mind we need in order to offer the best possible product on the market.


Somfy has a different approach and much like us – they offer a solution to a problem. Unfortunately, in a non-professional head, our industry might look a bit boring. Despite the fact, Somfy manages to deliver its message through emotion and successfully engages with the audience. As partners, our goal is to grind the boring information and showcase how our products might benefit your life for the better.

List d’oeuvre

SBI Group were the first that wrote in their list d’oeuvre. Here is what Radoslav wrote:

“The lighthouse visit is a great place to understand the vision of Somfy. I was impressed to see that like SBI Group, Somfy was a family-owned business. As a person, I am proud that I am partnering with a business like Somfy full of new ideas and embracing the changes that the world is offering. I am flattered to be the first person to write in this book and I wish Somfy all the best!”

This was an eventful and exciting tour that included work talks about future plans and cooperation for both companies. Joined development between both company products and also co-op exhibition in Germany (R+T 2022).

With this, we will conclude today’s post. We told you a little about one of our partners Somfy, their excellent hospitality and a hint about our future plants together. Hope you like it and as always don’t be shy to drop a comment down below.