H77 Insulated Garage Door Standard vs Platinum vs Economy vs Budget

Welcome again to our weekly blog post. Today we are continuing our deeper look into our portfolio. We will be looking at our Insulated Garage doors and their packages. Those in question are a Standard, Premium, Economy and Budget package. Let’s see what are the main differences between these products. Firstly I am going to show you a short video so you can visualise the H77 Insulated Garage door.

H77 Garage doors by SBI Group

As you can see from the tables above this particular product has 4 packages to choose from. Let’s look at the key differences. The first thing that we can see is that the Standard and Premium option have Somfy Centreo electrical motor while the Economy one has Somfy Centreo VEO RT electrical motor. The Budget option as per its name only offers you manual operations.

The next part is that all four packages have a balancing mechanism with springs which shows that the safety mechanism of all products is pretty much the same. Also, each package is equipped with an insulated aluminium curtain which is 19.30mm in thickness. The insulated slats are manufactured of tough twin-walled aluminium evenly filled with polyurethane rigid foam which contributes to the quiet door operating. The design of the insulated slat significantly reduces heat loss and provides effective sound deadening. Vision slats with polycarbonate infills are the perfect solution when natural light is needed to enter the premises. The slatted design is made to match perfectly the foam-filled aluminium slats which will not disturb the elegant vision of the insulated roller door. The first picture on the right represents the H77 Insulated Aluminium Slat while the second one is Aluminium Vision Slat.

As always our company values the need for as little noise as possible. That is why all four variants have robust “omega” profile guides with noise reduction technology. The roller doors are compactly wound into a well-designed shutter box which does not require much space. The box is installed above the light opening so it could be used most efficiently. The shutter box is so well designed that the roller winding is done with the least friction at most optimized fitting into it.

We understand that roller shutter doors are an important feature that enhances the appearance of the building. Here at SBI, we understand the importance of quality, cost and style. That is why we offer a wide range of customization options so each customer and business can choose that best fits his/her needs. The standard option includes all standard colours in the package. The Platinum one includes all RAL colours and wood effects which is included. Lastly, the Economy option contains curtain colour RAL 9016 included. For the other standard colours, there is a 5% surcharge and 10% for the special colours. The Budget version has all standard RAL colours included in the price and a 5% surcharge for special colour effects.

The next thing we are going to mention is the warranty. The Standard and Platinum package has a 5-year warranty with an additional 1 year after online registration. The Economy package has a 5-year warranty on the motor and curtain and 2 years on the springs. The Budget option has 2 years warranty.

The last thing I want to touch on today is the control accessories. There are some differences between the 3 options provided. The standard package comes with two transmitters and a Somfy Rollixo Optimo RTS receiver with photocells or a wired safety edge. The platinum package comes with two transmitters as well and a Somfy Rollixo receiver with an integrated alarm and wireless safety edge. This platinum option also includes Somfy Tahoma with which you can control our product via mobile application. The Economy package comes only with one transmitter and a Somfy receiver built into the motor. Budget options consist of pair of secret locks and 3 keys.SBI Group offers a wide range of options for control accessories. They range in style, and features and so they will vary in price. We are committed to providing high levels of customer service and because of that, we always look for a way to give our customers options that will meet their individual needs. All our smart devices are compatible with google assistant, Amazon Alexa, Sonos, Philips hue and many more.

That’s it for the H77 Insulated Garage Door Standard, Platinum, Economy and Budget packages. Hope you learned the key difference and chose the one that fits your situation better.As always have a nice week and see you in the next one.