H39 and H40 Roller Shutter Blinds

Welcome again to our weekly blog post. Today we will be talking about another 2 products in our portfolio. These are our Roller Shutters Blinds (39&H40). Let me begin with a short video about our products and then we will compare the 2 products based on the tables below.

Let’s talk about h40 first. This product is aimed at medium to high security commercial and domestic sites. The slat design consists of 40mm extruded aluminium. Here we can combine solid, punctured and perforated profiles.

H39 is a little bit different. Its application is aimed at medium-security commercial and domestic sites. The slat here is thinner. It is a 39mm aluminium double-skinned slat with a polyurethane foam insulating core.

The box in h40 is a roll-formed aluminium box with pressure-moulded aluminium alloy and plates. Here we can have a circular box in 165mm and 205mm sizes but a surcharge applies. The box is in the h39 package is the same and there is also the same option for the circular box within the same diameters.

Now let’s look at the guides/bottom slat. Firstly the H40 package has extruded aluminium guide channels with brush inserts and extruded aluminium bottom slat with rubber seals. The H40 has a unique aluminium box-section guide and reinforced bottom slat to enhance security. The other H39 package has extruded aluminium guide channels with brush inserts and extruded aluminium bottom slat with rubber seals. One of the most important features we highly value in these types of shutter doors is their silent operation. That is why they are all equipped with noise reduction technology like the one mentioned above. You will see below 2 pictures of the aforementioned slat design. The first picture shows the H40 and the second is the H39.

Roller shutter doors are an important feature that enhances the curb appeal of a building. SBI group understands the importance of quality, cost and style and so to further allow businesses and consumers the opportunity to customize their roller shutter doors, various colour options are available. The colour options in both packages are pretty much the same. We have all RAL standard colours included in the price and all other RAL colours + wood effect have a 5% surcharge on them.

It’s time to take a look at the operation of both packages. They have Somfy tubular motor as standard. There is an option to have a manual override facility and crank handle or UPS battery back up (surcharge applies). All motors have numerous control option variants such as a rocker switch, key switch, remote and group or mobile phone activation.

Same as the previous products that we showed you here we have a lot of variety in accessories. This way you can have the most comfortable solution possible for your needs. Such devices are Tahoma hub, Somfy Rollixo io Premium, battery for emergency opening and more. All these features are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SONOS and more.

Before we go let me just show you a closer look at some of the technical characteristics of both products for the interested people in numbers. This way you can compare the products easier and chose the right one for yourself. On the left, you can see H39 characteristics while on the right is the H40.

This is the end of today’s blog post. I hope you understood the difference between both products. And as always if you have any questions feel free to drop them below. See you in the next one.