Roller Doors & Shutters can be controlled remotely or mechanically. The use of remote control does not exclude the possibility for mechanical operation in case of damage or when the power supply goes off.

Electric Motors for Shutters & Roller Doors

Electric Motors for Sectional Doors

Electric Motors for Swing Gates

Electric Motors for Sliding Gates

SBI Group uses electronic systems produced by SOMFY, which is one of the worlds leaders in the projecting, manufacturing, and assembling of automatic systems. Our partners’ products are known for their high quality and established position within this market for decades.

We have chosen SOMFY products for our electronic systems because we believe their products/services guarantee SBI Group’s customers the innovation, design, quality, reliability, and safety they need.

Axroll RTS

RTS control unit for roller garage doors. Automatic stop and reverse if an obstacle is encountered during the down cycle. Automatic closing after a time delay can be programmed.

Rollixo RTS

Combined with a proven wireless safety edge system to detect obstacles and an array of safety, security and comfort accessories, the Somfy motor and Rollixo RTS control combination is a complete and compliant system.

Standard Receiver RTS

RTS receiver to allow the control of a product by a third party device used to control your motorised roller shutter, garage door…

TaHoma - Home Automation System

Somfy TaHoma is the easy to install automation system that makes controlling your home simple. With TaHoma you can open your blinds, switch off your lights or operate your garage doors all from your smartphone. It’s modern living at its finest.

Connexoon RTS

With Connexoon you control your sunscreens, garagedoors and gates using a very userfriendly app on your smartphone. With the intuitive “Check Home” function you are able to check and control connected devices whereever you are. The timerfunction allows automatic opening and shutting the rollershutters which is comfortable and also allows presence simulation. Connexoon enhances your home comfort and security.


Warning Light

Battery Back Up

Safety Edge

Security Box